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jabe Group plays a major role when it comes to find new paths for a sustainable future, in wide spred of areas. Everything we do is characterized by science, knowlegde and outside the box thinking.


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2019 the year we celebrate 40 years in business.

renewable marine energy

jabeTECH a Run on River technology (RoR) have signed a project agreement with the Swedish process technology company SIGMA.  The focus of the project is feasibility studies of renewable energy in the rivers north part of Sweden together with the rivers in EU, to the final goal sustainable Maritime Energy.

Together with Sigma Marine & Energy , CTH Chalmers, Uppsala University and RISE, (Research institute of Sweden,) developing the maritima energy possibilities., 

Renewable energy for humanitary aid

A subsidiary to jabe Konsult AB – focus on RoR-technology for rivers and creeks in underdeveloped countries.

ny folder

Missa inte att ladda ner 2020 års folder (PDF)  med produkter för den grafiska industrin.


Ett fristående bolag inom praktisk presentationsteknik och scenframställan.