Forefront technology

A unique patented innovation for                           green hydroSTREAMpower.  


So much generate Solar panels per year

With an investment  OF € 25 000

10 MWH

So much generates Windpower per year

With an investment  OF  € 25 000  

15 MWH

So much generates our ztreamia per year

With an investment  of  € 25 000 

50 MWH

The Green Power Revolution

We are proud to present ztreamia, a breakthrough Green technology, unlimited power 24/7.

For future generations

Our goals coinside with the 17 global goals for a bettert future,


Our projects for a sustainable future

Our four pillows of ground work generating new solutions for a cleaner world

North parts of Sweden

a feasibility study


Bring new clean technology around europe


Bringing energy from the ocean makes a differant


The uniqe force givs us a lot of possibilites